Presentation of Poclain Hydraulics

Poclain Hydraulics is the world leader in high torque, low speed cam’lobes radial piston motors. Their various range of hydraulic motors is particularly well suited for mobile and industrial application where high efficiency, high torque/pressure (up to 450 bar) and low speed (300rpm max).

Poclain Hydraulics, with a worldwide networking, has 4 production plants, 11 subsidiaries, more than 100 distributors around the world and 40 years experience.

Poclain Hydraulics is certified ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 14001. The Poclain Hydraulics products are manufactured to the world standard.

Poclaim Hydraulics as a company has always maintained a culture of innovation. Today, our highly trained professionals develop and market some of the most technologically advanced transmission systems on the market today, firmly establishing Poclain Hydraulics as a unique leader and trendsetter in the mobile machinery industry.

Laurent Bataille